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Website Development

Custom content management websites.

Our typical client is a small business, club or charitable organization.  We strongly believe that small businesses and charitable organizations need a website at a reasonable cost.


Information Architecture Planning

Web Wisconsin will help you create the outline and structure for your website. This will give website development bids a common foundation.


Phased Website Development

We will help you develop a plan to create your website in phases.  This is perfect for a new organization that but anticipates future growth.


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Why You Need a Website . . .

Sales. A good website will be your best salesperson.

Availability. A good website will be there 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Market Penetration. A good website can reach thousands of potential customers.

Cost-Effective. A good website will replace many other forms of advertising and be targeted to the people you really want to do business with.

What makes a good website . . .

(and contributes to being found by the Search Engines)

Purpose. It consistently conveys your message to a potential customer. It supports your business goals and objectives.

Professional. Appearance includes attractive colors & graphic design but more inportantly, it includes the logical placement and accuracy of information.

Found by qualified visitors. "Qualified" visitors are pre-disposed to do business with you. A good site uses good Search Engine practices to show up in major search engine queries.

Current. Visitors want current, accurate information.

Focused.  Visitors can easily find the important "stuff" to find answers to their questions.

What makes a bad website . . .

Unclear focus. If the central message(s) is difficult to find, visitors have to work too hard.  Web visitors scan rather than read. Website information needs to be clear, concise and complete or the visitor will quickly lose interest and move on.

Annoying design. Too busy, glaring or ugly colors, instant sound, or too much motion drives visitors away.

Too much text and unorganized content. Reading online is harder on the eyes than reading a book or newspaper. If it's difficult to find information, the visitor will go somewhere else.

Bad content. Meaningless content or out-of-date content or too much marketing/technical language drives visitors away.

Dominated by advertising. Study after study shows that web visitors generally avoid anything that looks like a blatant advertisement. Web visitors are looking for information, not ads.