Other Web Wisconsin Services


Website Development

Custom content management websites.

Our typical client is a small business, club or charitable organization.  We strongly believe that small businesses and charitable organizations need a website at a reasonable cost.


Information Architecture Planning

Web Wisconsin will help you create the outline and structure for your website. This will give website development bids a common foundation.


Phased Website Development

We will help you develop a plan to create your website in phases.  This is perfect for a new organization that but anticipates future growth.


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Web Wisconsin's standard design & development process . .

 Creating a website is more than just picking the colors and where the content fits.

We (firmly) believe it is both good business and less expensive to define your business both now and in the near future before starting any website design or development.


Building or Replacing a Website

  • A good website is attractive, professional, and presents good content, reaching your defined markets
  • A good website uses written and graphic content to explain who you are and why they should start (or continue) doing business with you
  • People are attracted to websites that offer useful information that is logically organized
  • Successful websites focus on good content and structure rather than gimmicks (flashing graphics, orange backgrounds, red text)


A Successful Website Starts with Defining . . .

  • YOUR business objectives & plans for the future
  • YOUR customer demographics
  • YOUR competitors and how your business is different
  • YOUR current website (if any) - its strengths and areas for improvement
  • YOUR plans for the future
    (Much of the planning may already be available in recent brochures, newsletters, promos and ads)

Website Colors Matter . . .

  • Green is associated with relaxation, peace and nature and is often used for organizations like health care providers and spas
  • Red actually accelerates the heart rate and is best used sparingly
  • Orange is a high-energy color and should be used sparingly
  • Yellow evokes happiness in small doses but can be too intense and hard on the eyes in large doses
  • Blue is generally calming and often used when the website wants to encourage a sense of relaxation and peace
  • Purple can evoke coldness and snobbery and is best used sparingly
  • White evokes cleanliness and purity and is often used as a canvas
  • Black evokes authority but can be overpowering and depressing when used too much
  • Dark text on a light background will encourage people to explore a website longer than light text on a dark background